Dear Mama With Baby Number Two On The Way

Dear Mama With Baby Number Two On The Way,

I see you waddling your way across the playground, trying to stop your wild toddler from pushing your buttons as they try to play Frogger in the street.

I watch you exert all you have in you to push your big kid in the stroller as you carry a watermelon in your belly and try to walk it out, as another day of backaches, Braxton Hicks and abdominal pain just backs you want to cry (let’s be real – you definitely are crying).

I feel the worry in your face as you try to fathom how you could possibly handle two kids any day now.

I know all this because I was in your shoes a year ago (expect maybe they were our husband’s shoes or flip flops three sizes larger than our normal size because nothing screams a need for comfort like your oversized feet when you are nine months pregnant).


Those first few days, weeks and months are so, so tough. The feeding demands of a newborn, the jealousy and attention needs of a toddler, and balancing it all while trying to take care of yourself, too.

You WILL need to change your expectations this time around.

You won’t be able to record every second on baby #2’s life.

You may find moments when you just want them to go to sleep instead of savoring their snuggles because you are just so tired.

You won’t be able to keep that newborn on a sleep schedule because the toddler NEEDS to get out every morning or else you risk losing their naptime and in turn, suffering a terrible two or threenager afternoon of terror.

But soon, you will find there is more than enough room for your heart to expand. You will love your second born just as much as your firstborn.

Slowly but surely, your babes will start to interact with each other and you will cry – again. Tears of joy when you see your baby looking with admiration and love at their big sibling. Tears of laughter when your toddler does everything in their power to have their baby rolling with belly laughs. Tears of love, thanking God for the little blessings that have forever changed your life.

It won’t be easy and there may be days when you wonder what the heck you were thinking when you decided to welcome another sweet bundle into this world.

During this time, lean on your tribe! If someone offers to hold your newborn and play puzzles with your toddler while you do laundry, take a shower or eat something with two hands, take them up on it. Put your pride aside and do what it takes to survive.

In less than two weeks, my baby will be a one year old and we will officially have two toddlers. Watching our girls interact every single day has helped flush out 95% of the memories of struggle those first few months.

So kick those swollen feet up as you soak up these last moments as a family of three, prepare for a new roller coaster, lower your expectations and get ready to love even harder than you have before. Your glass of wine, sushi and Jimmy John’s deli sandwich are all waiting for you once your new love enters this world, and they will taste better than ever.


A Mama In Denial That She Will Officially Have Two Toddlers At The End Of The Month

*This was originally written on August 9th, 2015.

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