Do You Hide Behind The Camera or Glow In Front Of It?

The left picture was taken a few days before Thanksgiving last year. I remember BEAMING with pride as that day coincided with a huge milestone for me – the completion of a big commitment I had made to bettering myself.

It was the final day of my first round of the 21 Day Fix.


For three weeks, I followed the nutrition plan to a tee (which isn’t so bad when it includes cheese, wine and chocolate!) and I completed all the workouts.

I not only noticed changes in my weight and size, but my happiness had increased tenfold. I had more energy with a 2 year old and 3 month old than I had EVER experienced!

Fast forward to the right picture today and I’ve had several different workout routines over the past year- from strength training to boot camp style to cardio set to country music.

And no matter what the scale says or what size my clothes are, you can’t take that smile and joy away from my face.

The holidays are coming up and you’ll more than likely be taking family pictures. Instead of staying behind the lens, I’d love to help you gain confidence and be beaming with pride and joy in front of the lens in your family photos this year!

You don’t have to hide behind your kids, your siblings or your insecurities anymore. If you found you were hiding behind the camera this holiday season, it’d be my honor to help create a plan that works for you to help you gain confidence this year.  Please fill out this form and let me know how I can help you: Boot Camp Application.

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