If You Ask Me How I’m Doing…

If you’ve asked me how I’m doing lately, you’ve probably gotten a “doing well, but…” response. These girls are both at such fun but trying ages and many days it feels like I’m waking up to an up-hill battle. Bedtime comes and I’m done and just ready to get a chance to go to the bathroom without little ones all around me.

Then moments like these happen (and you beg your husband to capture it on camera and then your girls run all around before finally settling back into your lap). We’ve got a lot of crazy going on but these moments will be gone too soon. Thank you, God, for these beautiful gifts you’ve trusted us to raise and for giving me grace upon grace which I don’t even deserve.15157027_1890667497821191_1651622836731836216_o

*This post was original written on November 23rd, 2015.

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