Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Before 9am this morning, I had sent Brad a text that I just couldn’t handle today. I was SO frustrated with my girls being obstacles to what I wanted to do.

I wanted to take a walk before it got hot out, but they were taking a forever to eat breakfast.

I wanted to have a peaceful walk when we finally got going, but someone talked the ENTIRE way and 90% of it was questions asking “Why”? Then theyย were wild and rambunctious at the playground.

We regrouped while Emerson napped, and then we tackled another playground. Emerson came home with a giant bruise above her eye and Ainsley was being a total threenager so we had to leave early.


Post playground #2 has included getting peed on by both girls (one who has been potty trained since the new year), more messes and more tears.
Ever felt like that? I was so stressed and annoyed all morning, I seemed to forget that they are my JOB. It’s not glamorous. It’s HARD work and it is EXHAUSTING. The monetary pay is horrible. My days are measured by dirty diapers, too-short naps, and cleaning up mess after mess.

But what if I stopped seeing the obstacles and started seeing the opportunities instead?

When they eat a healthy breakfast, it gives them energy to GROW.

Questioning everything means they are curious and have a heart for LEARNING.

When they run around and play, they are so HAPPY and having fun.

(Not so sure I can find an opportunity in getting dirty from them using me as a potty, though)

Maybe I should be measuring these opportunities in the heartiness of their LAUGHTER, the JOY in their smiles and their WILLINGNESS to overlook my flaws and MY disgust instead.

Mamas, this job is HARD. Just know you aren’t the only one who feels this way. God is using these moments not just for our children to grow and learn, but for US to learn as well! Tag a mama friend who could use some encouragement today!

*This was originally written on August 29th, 2015.

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