Hilary Schaefer Testimonial

370 days.

312ish workouts.

35 pounds.

87 days of 5AM workouts.

74 chocolate chip cookies*.

22 cupcakes or pieces of birthday cake*.

35,482 ounces of water to drink*.

370 days of nursing.

4 Brussels sprouts eaten.

64 people who have started their healthy living journey with me.

You may see a difference in these pictures or even some interesting numbers, but I wish you could see what they don’t say.

I wish you could see in the newer picture how I feel – the energy, the confidence, the strength, the happiness, the ability to be proud of myself.

It’s not just something for me. God has allowed me to recognize that it’s not about being skinny or a certain size. It’s about honoring my body and becoming my best self so I can better serve Him, my family and my community. It’s about teaching my girls how to treat their bodies because if I don’t, someone else will – and it may be harmful.

You don’t have to give up everything, but you do have to give up some things. Maybe it’s giving up doubt, excuses, disappointment, regret, or shame. I’d love to help you recognize what needs to go in order to live a healthier life.

Contact meΒ when you are ready to change your before picture.

(And I’m not willing to call the second picture my after because this isn’t a one and done change, but a lifestyle change. I’ll be ready to help whenever you are ready too.)

*Total guesses. It could have been more.