Top 5 Gifts for a One Year Old

Call us mean, genius or seasoned parents, but the only gift we gave her for her first birthday last week was a toy from Dave and Buster’s that we got with our earned points. We’re big spenders, I know. So I thought I would share my top 5 gifts in case you have a first birthday party to attend soon:

1. Pieces of paper. The thinner and more easily shreddable, the better. The perfect gift for developing fine motor skills.

2. Closed top garbage cans. They can learn to lift open the top, and then drop the TV remote, mama’s keys and other incredibly important items inside. This is good for playing hide-and-seek a few hours later.

3. Remotes and keys, of course! For turning off your workout when you’re in the middle of it and setting off your car alarm at the cracks of dawn. This helps learn cause and effect with awesome sounds effects.

4. Phones, iPads, tablets, or any other electronic device you don’t want broken or ruined. You will quickly watch them discover all about gravity.

5. Pet food, water bowls or kitty litter boxes. Who needs do-it-yourself sensory bins when they can easily use these instead? Perfect for imaginative play and learning.

A few honorable mention items would be laundry hampers, wipes containers, silveware and buckets full of anything. Any gifts you would add to this list? (We have been blessed with many toys for her sister who is 22 months older so there was no need for more toys in our house. We do love books, BABY electronics that make noise, and food. Always food.)




*This was originally written on September 2nd, 2015.

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