When The Holidays Lack Joy

Past holidays have meant hiding behind bulky sweaters, scarves, and FAKE smiles.

I said no to wine and cookies because I couldn’t fit them in my restrictive diet.

I said no to social events since I didn’t know how to face temptations and NOT give in.

I didn’t want to workout because it was cold and driving to the gym meant braving the weather. Not to mention early or late workouts when it was dark. And my bed was too comfortable.

Comfort. When we get into a routine, we HATE to break it – whether it is a good or healthy routine or not.

Change is HARD. Change is SCARY. The unknown can be TERRIFYING.

But YOU are worth it. You are beautiful. You are capable of more than you know.

I can go to a holiday party now and not have to spend the whole time wondering what I can eat or if people are judging my size, my dress, or my hair. (Tell me you’ve had these thoughts too)?

Great friends value you for the JOY you bring to their lives and if you’re spending all your time worrying about their other thoughts, you can’t be as joyful.

So the change WAS hard and some days it STILL is. I feel somewhat of an obligation to stay on track with my fitness and healthy eating as a wellness coach. BUT if I slip up and eat too many cookies, you should know that too.

I’m okay with that. Balance is IMPORTANT. Perfection is UNATTAINABLE unless you were Jesus πŸ˜‰ Enjoy this joyous season, celebrating the beautiful gift of the precious Savior we have been given, and give yourself a gift of grace just as He gave us.



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