When You Finally Hit Your Goal Weight


Anyone that’s ever made a decision to lose excess pounds has probably had a goal weight in mind.

And if we work hard enough and achieve it, it’s such a PROUD sense of accomplishment.

And then we FINALLY get to go back to what we ate before, right?



I actually reached my “goal weight” several months ago but I realized that the glamour of seeing a certain 3 digit number wears off quickly.

Does seeing a certain number bring automatic happiness? Or give a perfect feeling of fulfillment?

I’d reached a breaking point multiple times in the past that made me want to lose weight. Three times in particular (that I remember).

So if I hit a goal weight twice, how did I get to that place of desperation and disappointment again?

I didn’t know how to maintain it. I thought once I hit my goal via my temporary diets and intense cardio sessions at the gym, I could let my new healthy habits slowly slip away as I returned to my old life.

Spoiler alert – THAT WON’T WORK!

So this time, I’ve maintained the same weight for about six months.

How, you might ask?

I’m replacing several grains a day with greens, yet still eating bread. I’m eliminating desserts after every single meal (yup, I would eat chocolate chips after breakfast), but indulging a few times a week with small treats.

I’m getting up at 5AM to spend a little time on ME and breaking a sweat while much of the world is still sleeping.

Special pills, restrictive diets and excessive cardio WON’T last and you may soon be back to your unhealthy habits again. Β If you’re looking for something that WILL last,Β I’d love to chat with you about your goals and help you find a plan you can stick too. Β Please fill out this form and I will be in touch:Β Boot Camp Application

*This was originally written on October 17th, 2015.

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